Blissful Living -
Higher-Self Healing Hypnotherapy
As I continue to align my earthly self with my higher self, my life continues to grow more and more blissful!  Doing this Higher Self-Healing work on both me and my clients regularly seems to have opened up access to a sacred dimension.  I feel more grounded and centered, yet completely connected to my Creator, my higher self and my entire Divine team.  So blessed and so blissful!  If you are feeling lost, unbalanced and constantly seeking answers, this work is exactly what you need to get back to balance and begin your journey to blissful living!   
Courtney Long MSW, LC, CHt, ATP®
I began seeing Natalie McGovern after deciding I was ready to make some drastic life changes. I wanted to have a healthier body and a balanced mind and spirit. For quite some time I was weighed down by my past pain and trauma. I felt as if I was stuck “Natalie, I’m like a stick stuck in the mud!” I clearly remember telling her. I knew from the incredible transformation she herself had gone through that she was the practitioner for me to work with. Our stories were similar, battles with weight, mental and emotional health and overall spiritual wellness. Watching her transform and bring balance to her life was so incredibly inspiring, what better a testimony to the power of holistic healing care than that if her own transformation?

In our first healing session, Natalie introduced me to Higher Self-Healing Hypnotherapy. Out of all the powerful hypnosis sessions I had undergone, this by far was the most healing I have ever experienced. In having the opportunity to access my Higher-Self and ask her the pressing questions I had about my life path, my health conditions, and my personal growth, I received the most incredible gift: answers from within. Natalie reassured me through her dynamic life coaching techniques that I indeed have always had the answers to my life questions, I just needed to unlock them and Natalie supported me in doing so. Another unique benefit Natalie invited into my healing was accessing my Divine team in to help heal, clear and unblock any energies that were no longer serving me and continued to block me from moving forward. That was like nothing I had received before, despite being a reiki master and spending a lot of time giving and receiving reiki.  Having Natalie call in my entire team to heal me was life changing. While I was accessing my higher self and receiving answers, they were busy healing my mind body and spirit.

Since that first Higher Self-Healing Hypnotherapy session with Natalie, I have seen incredible positive changes in my life. I released gluten, dairy and high fructose corn syrup from my eating habits and have shed 10 lbs in just two weeks’ time. I have chosen to follow my passion of educating and advocating for social justice through music full time and this summer will be going on a national music tour to do just that! My financial issues are resolving and money is coming in from the most random places, the money just keeps coming in! The trauma that I was hanging on to, it’s simply gone! The pain and confusion about my path and purpose is gone. My confidence in myself has increased and the ability to move forward without any fear of success is at my fingertips. All this was made possible by saying yes to my healing and by choosing Natalie to be my holistic health care practitioner.

In addition to the Higher Self-Healing Hypnosis that Natalie supported me with, she also practices polarity therapy. Supporting me with looking at the elemental imbalances in my life, and providing healing for this through bodywork, educational materials and nutritional support, Natalie has given me the gift of a life time, true blissful living. By bringing my body into balance, I am clearer, focused, determined, and am chasing my bliss. The things that used to bother me, I do not even remember. All I know now is that for the first time in a long time I am genuinely happy and feel hopeful that my healing will continue to bring me the mind body spirit balance I am experiencing and everlasting peace.

Choosing to work with Natalie was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has helped me access my higher self, release old limiting beliefs, accessed my divine team for healing, balanced the elements in my body and provides hope that I can heal. She provides a quality level of care that is rare and hard to find. To find a practitioner that can be honest, yet compassionate, firm, yet empathetic, intuitive yet realistic is such a blessing. I look forward to our next session and the continued transformation of my life. I couldn’t have done this without her. Thank you Natalie for helping my transform my life, and support me on my path the wellness!
Danielle N., CHt, LC, RM
A few weeks ago I had a Higher-Self Healing with Natalie over Skype. She took me to some past lives both on earth and off earth into another dimension. It was amazing to see and gain this knowledge of the otherwise unknown, however this is where the healing comes in, gaining understanding of situations in your current life. Through this session I was able to clear up past family issues that had me stuck for many years. We tapped into the Subconscious mind/my higher-self so that I could have a conversation with the current issues in my life that I was having difficulties with and cleared them up. Looking back I realize that I am a much happier and mentally free and clearer person today due to the session with Natalie. I felt completely safe with Natalie, knowing she has her highest intentions for me in this healing process. She is a compassionate and professional healer, I believe in her and her work 100%.
Thank you Natalie McGovern!
Yvette Beauchamp CHt, RMT, QHHT, Certified Yoga Instructor, San Diego, CA
After the higher self healing session, I found myself making healthy choices that I always wanted to make but wasn’t able to get myself to do before. It provided clarity in a lot of areas where I was wondering what do to next: work, home, job and so forth. I would highly recommend it, thank you!
I am so thankful that just over a year ago Natalie was placed into my life.  She is an amazing person doing wonderful things with the gifts she has been given.  Natalie is constantly striving to better herself both personally and professionally, and willing to share all she learns to help others become healthy and whole.
The majority of my session with Natalie have been for polarity therapy.  Polarity therapy is used to help keep energies in balance.  If you have not tried it, you must!  Where you use Natalie for polarity, hypnotherapy, or life coaching, you will be truly blessed from the experience.
V.L. Arizona

After ending up with a case of very painful edema in both my ankles and visits to see my doctor who could not figure out how it was happening, I had one session of Polarity with Natalie.  She held space for me perfectly and ask all the right questions.  I noticed a difference in my ankles almost immediately and the discomfort for the first time in two months started to dissipate.  The healing continued and the second session was never needed!  I will definitely call Natalie in the future!
Y.B. Gilbert, AZ
After my 5 year marriage ended abruptly with little explanation or closure, I spent the better part of a year trying to process the loss and redefine/rediscover who I was.  I went to a counselor, I sought out friends who had experienced divorce, and I tried for a long time to make sense of things.  I felt that I put all of myself into my marriage.  When it was over, I felt the need to connect to family and friends; to gain support, to let others in again, I sought validation.  I struggled and often times was left with more confusion, more questions than solace.  I knew my life would be ok, that I would survive; I just didn’t know what the catalyst would be to bring all of the overwhelming aspects of my life into focus – into something manageable.  A friend of mine knowingly referred me to Natalie.
Before my session began, I talked with Natalie about general feelings and what I had been experiencing, and she would give me a scenario and ask, “Does this sound familiar to you?”  It was amazing to me that I could relate nearly all of the situations she mentioned. 
Not only was she listening to me, she truly understood, as if she had walked a mile in my shoes.  After my first polarity session with Natalie, I noticed a shift in my attitude, and overall being.  I felt connected to myself for the first time in years.  The fear that had such a tight grip on me, was releasing and I was able to breathe and enjoy the moments of my life.  I feel as though I am actually progressing – moving forward, as myself.  The only overwhelming feelings that really seem to register anymore are those of joy.  I look forward to continued polarity sessions with Natalie, to learning more about letting go of all the little things that have been holding me back all this time.
-Laura, Phoenix, AZ
Working with Natalie has been an eye opener for me! Natalie immediately set me at ease and then used her quiet insight and wisdom to help me achieve a higher level of health and peace! I really appreciate her gentle strength.
Jack Silbaugh, Phoenix, AZ
8 weeks ago I said yes to myself and in taking care of my body. I wanted to bring her into balance, to be healthy, to live to an old age. I released gluten, high fructose corn syrup and dairy from my eating lifestyle. Its my awesome pleasure of sharing with you all that since then i have released 25 lbs, 8 inches 1 full dress/pants size(almost 2!) Most importantly I feel fantastic. My mind has been more clear, my soul is on this total other glorious wave, and my heart is filled with joy . It began by saying yes! It began by me also accessing the right support for me, found in Natalie McGovern Bliss Catcher. Through her gifts as a holistic healthcare practitioner, I am able to continue this journey. With her modalities of coaching, polarity and clinical hypno the healing in my body has been incredible. If you are looking for a support in your own journey, I would connect with her, she is amazing. Thank you Natalie! And thank you me. For loving yourself enough to say yes, to staying disciplined and to honoring your sacred temple. — with Natalie McGovern Bliss Catcher.
D.N. Mesa, AZ
Natalie is amazing, folks! She made a huge difference in my life... I was in a very dark place; just went through a divorce, lost my job, and pretty much lost everything. All that resulted in low self-esteem and a poor self-image. Through hypnosis therapy and other techniques, Natalie guided me through all of this, and today I have had my breakthrough and my life is completely different! All this has changed: I now believe in myself, I have a focused vision of what I want my life to be like, all of my seemingly unconquerable hurdles are now behind me, I have started my own business and it's doing very well, and I'm on the fast track to happiness and success! Thanks, Natalie!
David Hoxworth, Phoenix AZ
My Name is Amber. I am 33 years old. I first smoked a cigarette when I
was 9 years old. When I was around 15 years old, I started smoking
daily. I would save my lunch money to buy cigarettes. I would smoke
about one pack a day, some days more. I have tried to quit smoking
many times, but failed every time. I have quit for a 2 year period
about 6 years ago, but went right back to it when things in life became stressful. The first Hypnotherapy session I had with Natalie on
August 30th, 2012 our first secession was centered on helping me
to quit smoking. I have listened to this session at least once a day
for the first week. When we met the following week Natalie asked if I
was still smoking. I quit smoking 5 days before this next session.
The last time I smoked a cigarette was 45 days ago. The desire has
gone away for the most part. I still listen to this session often,
it helps keep ,e grounded. I am truly grateful for Natalie and her
practice. I truly do not think I would have quit smoking without her
Amber H. Mesa, AZ
I went to see Natalie for hypnotherapy to overcome stage fright.  I was really impressed by her professionalism and her sincere concern and understanding of where I was with my anxiety with public speaking.  We did one session that revealed things I had not even thought had anything to do with my fears of public speaking; it was such a profound experience!  Natalie gave me "homework", things I could do to process these revelations and help overcome them.  I've had to do a couple of presentations since and I am so surprised how at ease and calm I have been.  THANK YOU NATALIE!
L.C. Mesa, Arizona
I have had two hypnotherapy sessions w/Natalie.  For anyone who is leery of hypno, it is NOT what they demonstrate in t.v. or movies!  It is not scary, or weird, rather it's really such an amazing process!  In our sessions, Natalie uncovered some personality issues that were keeping me from being happy and feeling safe and complete as an individual.  It's been a kind of spiritual experience for me. The therapy didn't end with the session either.  Every day, I seem to feel better and if I'm going through a healing process. I feel more grounded than I have in years and I know she has put me on the right path.
Anyone who has been around Natalie knows about her amazing energy.  I have known her for 10 years, have always known she is a special person, but am still floored by her transformation and growth!  She was a perfect candidate to learn these healing arts and I am truly grateful for it.   
K.M. Chandler, AZ
When I had my first session with Natalie, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I went in with several different roadblocks to living a happy successful life and wasn’t sure what to focus on. It was such a relief to be able to talk with someone about my issues without feeling judged, insecure or hopeless; Natalie listened to my concerns with a smile on her face and a positive outlook! After just ONE hypnotherapy session, I no longer crave soda.  When Natalie said to me, "What if you just don’t even think about soda anymore?  What if you don't even miss it?”, I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical...but that was exactly what happened.  It's not that I have an aversion to soda, I simply don't want it anymore and it no longer plays a part in my day. I've already scheduled more sessions because if I can be this successful with just one, think about what several more could bring!   Natalie, you are a rockstar!
 Living Blissfully, Audrey C.
Blissful Thoughts...21 Days to Blissful Thinking
Natalie's affirmation process really works!  I wasn't aware of the changes that have happened in me at first, but when I took some time to observe my thoughts and feelings, I realized that indeed there had been significant changes.  My thoughts had gone from negative to positive and from defeated to optimistic, and I now feel much better.  I still have a long way to go, but the affirmation process has definitely been instrumental in helping my progress.
David H., Phoenix, AZ
I did Natalie's 21 day affirmations that motivated me to workout and exercise daily and love it, so then I took her 5 week Blissful Body workshop. Natalie is very knowledgeable in this area, she makes it fun and very versatile to make it work for you. She educates you on what to eat, what not to and why or how it can affect your weight loss and moods. She discusses alternatives of what you could have instead and fun ways to exercise, she gets you to start thinking in a more positive way about yourself and weight loss. It's a very fun and educational class to say the least. I met some very amazing women in this class as well and can't wait for us to meet up again. Natalie, your class was fantastic!
Yvette. Beauchamp, Mesa, AZ
I am on day 14 of my affirmation process; I definitely feel more positive in my thoughts and perceptions of the world. I have never been a morning person, but now that I listen to my affirmations first thing as I wake up in the morning, I tend to be much more enthusiastic about getting up after the session. I feel less judgmental about my actions now, which in the past I believe has prevented me from being open to new opportunities. For someone like me, who possesses self-limiting beliefs, preventing you from living or progressing in certain areas in life, this process is a fantastic method of shattering those barriers!
C.L., Phoenix, AZ
This is so amazing! This is so incredible Natalie!! Love how you added vibration in there! I just want to listen to it all day it is that wonderful! Thank you for putting so much love into your work!
Laura Cole, Phoenix, AZ
Spirit Releasement
I truly felt that I had some attachments to myself, so I asked Natalie if she would muscle test me to see.  She was open to help and we found that I had eight attachments.  With that information I was eager to have them removed, and so I asked Natalie if she would help with the removal process; since the word around was she was great at doing this.  Natalie agreed and we promptly made an appointment.  She was very professional and gentle.  She took me under pretty quickly, and that's when the fun began.  I can't say that I remember every single thing, but I know that she had an opportunity to speak with all eight attachments and asked all eight of them to leave me and return to the light.  I believe two of them had important messages for me and she was able to record that information and provide it to me for my evolution.  The specific details aren't important here, more the session itself was; and Natalie was a great facilitator during the entire process.  I would continue to recommend Natalie with this sort of intimate process, she rocks at it!  Thank you Natalie.  Since that session I have felt so much better and some of the things I was doing immediately stopped.  See Natalie if you need assistance with removing things or entities that don't belong, she's good!!!
A.F. Mesa, AZ
Natalie helped me release a whole tribe of attachments!! If it wasn't for her I would still be walking around with them today! Some people may have been a little frightened or unsure on what to do, but Natalie remained calm which allowed me to be calm through the process as well. I highly recommend her for this service!
-Patrice Stewart
Past Life Regression
I really enjoyed Natalie's energy and presence during the session.  She was very professional and knew exactly what she was doing. I felt very comfortable doing the past life regression session with her. She knew exactly where to go and what to say to my sub conscious to get the answers that I needed to heal.
-Patrice Stewart
Your hypno is awesome, its like magic! :)
J.J., Phoenix
Chakra Balancing
My communication had much more ease today after my chakra clearing!  A very independent friend sought my insight today!  I love the immediate results!
L.S. Phoenix, AZ
Kick Karma & Create Bliss
My experience was amazing!  I am not crazy and would like to know more and grow in my journey.
A.N., Casa Grande
Great practical information on what karmic debt is and the regression session brought it together very nicely.  I now know what to continue to do to help myself break free from these patterns.  Thank you!
J.J., Phoenix, AZ
I thoroughly enjoyed the group regression.  I felt safe in expressing my experience.
A.B., Casa Grande
Let Go & Let Bliss
The following testimonials do not have initials to honor the privacy of this process:
Through meeting and sharing with this enlightened group of people, I learned a lot about myself. The act of writing down and physically letting go was very powerful and healing.
Loved the sacred, calm space that was help for everybody.  We had a lot of great interaction
and was able to let go of some things that was holding me back in life.
A new challenge for growth/spirit.
I came here not know exactly what I wanted or need to let go of.  Allowing myself to be open and be honest and talk through it made a big difference.
Great experience.  Amazing to hear about emotional energy centers of the body.  My pain in my body completely matched the emotional problems and feelings I have been going through.
The "letting go" workshop was informative and I gained insight into release the past and letting go.
Hearing from everyone opened me to some new thoughts and my awareness of the connection between my body and heart.
Through meeting and sharing with this enlightened group of people, I learned a lot about myself.  The act of writing down and physically letting go was very powerful and healing.
This was a really good learning experience.  It was helpful and felt good releasing everything.
Amazing as always.
Blissful Body:  Weight Loss for Balance
You have helped me find balance again. I love you compassion, enthusiasm and strength. I have enjoyed your workshop immensely. Thank you for finding the courage to grow through your pain to share your story. It has been such a gift.
R.M., Mesa, AZ
Before your workshop, I didn't want to leave my house.  I now have a federal grant and have started taking classes.
J.B. Mesa
My awareness has increased as well as my knowledge!
M.H., Mesa AZ
I enjoyed working and thinking of this as a holistic way of getting rid of weight.  I feel more at peace with myself.
D.T., Mesa AZ
Thank you, Natalie McGovern Bliss Chaser for your workshop. It's really incredible that you are willing to share you're personal journey in learning to treat your body, and yourself like the precious light that you are. (Natalie, I bought my flavored Stevia bottle--orange. I'm exited to try it out!)

Friends, Natalie healed herself with positive thinking and learned to eat correctly--from over 230 lbs, to well, the size of a supermodel. Her "before" and "after" pictures would blow your mind! She has another workshop about this starting later in August...let me know if you want more information.
H.B, Mesa, AZ
I just finished the initial 5 weeks of Natalie McGovern Bliss Chaser's Blissful Body class. She is knowledgeable, adaptive, well organized and lots of fun. Although I knew some of the class material from other sources, her format helped me to remember, to look at what I know in a different light, and bring it all together. The class may be focused on weight loss, but even if you just want to learn how to respect your body more, this class might be for you.
Heather, Mesa, AZ
Natalie makes the class so fun and light-hearted, along with making the class so informative not just for weight loss, but informative to live a healthier lifestyle.  You leave with tools to live a stress free, happy, healthy life.
Yvette Beauchamp, Mesa, AZ
I went into the blissful body workshop with no expectations and not really sure what was going to happen.   The tools I garnered from each session have helped me deal with so many different areas!  I can work with concerns about food choices, re-directing my cravings, handling guilt and grief with my food habits and knowledge to move forward with my weight loss goals.  I feel better about myself and the way I am and where I am going.  Natalie, you are a rockstar!
Audrey Childs, Phoenix, AZ
Blissful Body inspired to start juicing! Just bought a Nutribullet and a farmer's market of veggies - let the juicing begin!  I learned to eat balanced meals instead of snacking have improved my moods considerably.
Laura Cole, Phoenix, AZ
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